About DD

Hi Everyone,

I’m DD, just a little girl trying to make it in the big, bad world of healthcare. I was born and raised in Chicago and presently live in Wisconsin. Fashion here is hit or miss but because of that, I can express myself through fashion in all ways imaginable. My excuse is always: “ummm hello, this is the ‘it’ thing to wear in Chicago”. 😉 I’ve always loved fashion. My dream, unsupported by my Asian parents, has always been to be a buyer for a clothing store and then transition to owning my very own store (imagine a mix of cusp, intermix, and anthropologie).  That’s why I worked a lot of retail jobs throughout college to get my much needed dose of fashion glam. It was definitely tough being surrounded by pre-med hopefuls with no sense of style. Things went downhill in 2011 after a year of wearing scrubs on rotations but I’m trying to bring that glitter back – think JT bringing sexy back. So I now introduce to you my blog of fashion that has matured with me throughout the years. I want everyone to shine while still keeping things work-appropriate. Enjoy browsing my lookbook!




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