I’ve developed this newfound appreciation for lipsticks. I am going to review a few colors I have purchased so far which I would say all look great with my shade of filipino skin.

MAC – because who else makes colors this unique? Covers all the makeup I need for festivals and pride parades!

Picture 4 Picture 2

So I was shopping at Nordstrom browsing the MAC section. I was looking for another typical shade of light pink lipstick (i,e. Snob and Angel) since both of these lipsticks melted in my car! The sales associate was prob wondering why I was searching for such cosmic colors and suggested that a purple would look absolutely gorgeous on my skin. I decided to go back to my avant garde days and listen. I dont know if I was drunk or what but I actually agreed to have her clean the lipsticks up so I can apply the samples directly to my lips (eek, never going to do this again! does the sanitizer kill HSV?). Anyway, I first opted for this lighter lilac purple called “Asian Flower” because I obvi loved the name and was still somewhat cosmic-ish like my previous colors. Ehh it was too bland. Then she handed me “Heroine” and omg, as soon as I put it on, I was SOLD! It actually is prob one of my fave lipsticks. It really stands out and throughout the day, as the color slowly fades, it turns into this pretty fuschia color. It;s actually prettier than one of the true fuschia lipsticks I own. I recommend this to anyone and really think it looks great on all shades of color.

The success with going dark actually led me to get a darker red/ maroon color called “Rebel” (see above). Its nice but I wouldn’t actually recommend. I just use it to layer with my other lipsticks when I want to go darker. Throughout the day, it fades to a weird generic reddish pink cheapo color – ehhh…

Christian Dior

Now since, I like to use the less expensive MAC lipsticks for more trendy lipsticks, I decided to pick up a few classics by Dior, which I believe is one of the longest-wearing, moisturizing lipsticks out there. Big fan! Oh and they taste good too!

Picture 5Picture 99 Picture 38

From L–> R, are Pink Caprice (475), Rose Baiser (361), and 999.

1) Starting with Pink Caprice, my gosh this lipstick is just so fun. Totally feel like happy summer, Paris Hilton, Barbie in this one. I secretly have even been wearing it throughout the winter (shhh, it puts me in a great mood). It has such a nice shimmery sheen to it and it even looks nice when you layer it with other lipsticks (including Heroine above to add moisture). This may be my all-time fave to be honest.

2) Rose Baiser is definitely more a classic that I think is most work appropriate given that no one really wears lipstick at my work. Not much to say about this one except that it’s a great everyday lipstick for the more conservative workplace. Kinda boring but classic and therefore worth it!

Picture 162

3). Lastly, Iconic 999. This is my mom’s absolute fave lipstick. I decided to get it for Christmas only because I was inspired by Taylor Swift (in the black lace lingerie and knife or throughout Red Tour). Don’t ask! Plus everyone needs a red lipstick. It looks awesome. Unfortunately I am not blonde and light-skinned to perfect the T-swift but it still looks so great! I love it and looking forward to wearing it to some later holiday parties still left in January… or if I decide to be T Swift for Halloween.


Picture 160

Now I am not too familiar with Chanel lipsticks but they did make this color called L’adoree in their luminous matte lip color line. I couldn’t find any similar brands that made it so there was no other option but to get this one! Sometimes I google swatches on darker skinned people to figure out what would look good on me and this looked awesome on a lot of darker ethnic skinned women. Anyway, I think the color is so awesome, it’s long-wearing. It also has a fancy case with a spring that you can pop up and down. The only issue I have with this is that it’s matte. I tend to have really dry lips. Wrinkly lips too (I think the hyaluronic acid is slowly being eaten away and causing the equivalent of regressed stretch lines on my lips) so I’ve had some trouble with this one. Vaseline helps but then the lipstick doesn’t really adhere to your lips. Chanel does make other non-matte types that I have yet to explore (only if a great color comes out!). Stay tuned.


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