I want this!

Picture 104 Slip ons. I looked too young with everything else. Also does anyone have any recs on where I can get personalized moscow mule copper mugs?

Addendum: So I did end up getting these vince shoes and surprisingly had to wear them for about 5 days (>15k steps/ day) straight because I was stranded in italy without my check-in luggage. No flip-flops or any other comfy shoe to change into. They were brand-new at the time too, straight out of the box as I wore them for my flight there. They were pretty comfortable at first until I had to walk up and down uneven cobble stone hills around the Amalfi Coast and eventually developed blisters. I don;t normally wear socks with flats or loafers (my feet don’t smell, I promise) but they were so uncomfortable that I was willing to wear knee-high socks with them. No shame!

Anyway I put them on a few weeks later back home (blister-free) and they really are pretty comfortable. Overall, no regrets. Just had that at the wrong place, wrong time =). My advice is to get a size smaller and just like any rubber sole that gets dirty, windex is the trick. Thank you Cole Haan for the advice ;).


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