Naughty or nice?


Ddx: Suspect naughty, but nice should also be in the differential. Queue: Britney Spears ‘Lace and Leather’

Top: Marc by Marc Jacobs Frances Silk Top // Skirt: mason by michelle mason Zipper Detailing Mini Leather Skirt // Shoes: Vince ‘Ada’ Pump // Clutch: Alexander McQueen Lace-Print De-Manta Clutch Bag // Cuff: Givenchy Pale Gold Lace Cuff


Spring is coming… sorta! It feels so awkward wearing the bright pinks and aquas this time of year when we haven’t made it out of the 20s yet. Although I actually am wearing a pink floral shirt to work today, I had to tone things done with my long black cardigan and black pants. To help make a more subtle transition, I wanted to post a season/weather-appropriate outfit that we can all look forward to wearing. It doesn’t quite have the pop of color we expect but still bares enough flesh as the temperatures start to increase. C’mon now, we can’t go straight to the yellow bodycon dresses just yet.

After visit summary: Sometimes opposites attract. When you have a spectrum of options ahead of you and can’t decide, why not combine the two extremes? Though the colors here are somewhat drab, the pieces alone say a lot. Let’s keep the transition smooth as we rough through these last few weeks of “winter”.





Black and Yellow Fail

Ok, so I had a lot of downtime at work last Friday and although I have a lot of mandatory things to work on, I got sidetracked and decided to put together my first outfit. I just wanted to include the gold laser-cut shorts and everything else revolved around that. I was limited by what websites I could visit so obviously this isn’t the best the outfit could be. I also wanted to do some editing at home but unfortunately my work got lost in cyberspace and could no longer be retrieved per IT. Thank goodness, I had printscreened it, so here it is:


Top: rag & bone ‘Oda’ Top // Shorts: DVF ‘Naples’ Laser Cut Leather Shorts // Sandals: Isa Tapia ‘Geri’ Studded Falt Sandals // Sunglasses: Oliver Peoples ‘Alivia’ Sunglasses // Necklace: KARA by Kara Ross Resin Collar Necklace // Bracelet: Vita Fede Mini Titan Stone Bracelet // Ring: W. Britt Space Ring

Believe it or not, I forgot to add a bag to the outfit. Since backpacks are all the rage, hope you don’t mind that I add my dream backpack, The Row Drawstring Crocodile Backpack, retails for $34,000. Here it is on Ashley Olsen:

Picture 60

The Other Half

So I wanted to do a piece on men’s clothing. What’s great is that such minor (and easy) touches to a guy’s ensemble can make a huge difference. Here are some tips:

1. Size down. While working at Men’s Furnishings and fairly closely with the Tailor Shop at Nordstrom, I have learned how much attention should be placed on ‘fit’. Unfortunately most men get this wrong! They more commonly size up rather than size down. Rarely, have I ever seen a dress shirt or suit that was too tight. This happens way too much in my workplace. Let’s just say, people don’t pay as much attention to this in healthcare as they do in the business realm. Here are some examples of how a suit should fit from a few of the leading men in… my brain.


2) Splurge on staples! Unlike women, men’s (stylish) clothing remains classic. It is very versatile (work, play, dates, church, interviews), and can be worn across all seasons. Men naturally tend to be more conservative with fashion so trends don’t last very long and aren’t as extreme as in the female department (i.e. you will not see random cutout pieces on men’s shirts or studs on their shoes). This allows men to invest in timeless pieces and actually get their money’s worth since they can wear these pieces for years! Since I am going to post some recommended essentials in a bit, let me include some things you should AVOID:


So this looks like a nice grey sweater, right? Wrong. I am sorry but I knew I would find a great example of a classic article of clothing that you should not buy at Forever21. This sweater goes for $19 and for a classic piece, you should be looking for something with better quality. I can almost assure you that after this sweater goes in the wash a couple times (because I doubt you’d pay $8 to dry clean something like this), the sweater can R.I.P. Thats $19 down the drain. 19 hard-earned bucks! Hmmph.


I also found this Forever 21 ‘Garden Daze’ Tee on the website. Named appropriately because you must be dazed and confused to buy this crap! Sure it’s $14, but how many times are you actually going to use this? I guess floral is trending right now for guys, but key word here is “trend”. If your goal is to be trendy though, this would be reasonable… I guess. Also, this shirt cannot be worn across seasons, spring and summer yeah, but what about fall and winter? Nope, it’s going in the discharge bin and probably won’t trend the following year so sayonara. (** If you are at all interested in this floral trend, stop.)


Are you a fashionisto? No. I thought so. Are you Zac Efron from high school musical? “Are you Steve Jobs?” You can find this denim vest for $98 at Guess. Now let’s think about this… How many outfits can you actually wear this with? Do you actually have bottoms that would look good with this exact dye of denim? Do you have enough distressed shirts that you can wear under this vest and do you know which one to wear exactly? If you are having trouble thinking of these, then you should probably pass something like this up.

Ok, let’s move on. I’m getting sick of looking at clothing I wouldn’t buy.

3) Never leave the house without an accessory. Do you remember Lauren Conrad saying this on one of ‘The Hills’ episodes? Okay, now I know this sounds strange but the accessory I am talking about is a watch. Do not leave home without it! It just looks nice on a wrist. Also, don’t forget your belt. Invest in a good one! Oh, your girlfriend counts as an accessory too, so make sure she doesn’t look ratchet.

Now let’s get to the good part. Per recommendations and my keen observations of all the men I’m surrounded by, I wanted to draw attention to a short list of idea pieces. Here goes:

Picture 36

Neiman Marcus. Ralph Lauren Black Label. Now I know we are not all made of money but this should be the goal. A classic, quality piece to splurge on. I know someone who is a huge fan of this label and I totally understand why. You can definitely feel and see the difference in quality and tailoring of these shirts compared to others. Get one and you’ll know what I mean.

Picture 39 Picture 38

Club Monaco. Since we are all just starting out and I likely am targeting people my age.. ahem or people who are just 1.5 years into making money. Club Monaco offers more reasonably priced dress shirts in youthful prints. Their classic fit isn’t tailored for old men but for younger guys and you still have their slim fit option if you want to go even tighter. From what I hear, their regular fit is already pretty fitted. My brothers always need me to accompany them to this store because it is filled with gay guys. One of my brothers is constantly hit on. I think he needs me to act as his fake girlfriend but I really don’t mind shopping with them. Love their men’s selection here.

Picture 40Picture 41

J Crew. Now this is everyone’s go-to store just because I think their clothing looks great on everyone our age. They have such versatile clothing for men that you can wear at work and outside of work. The fit and fabric is more casual but I’ve seen it done at work and it looks great. Very reasonably priced as well. Excuse me for picking out that very seasonal, trendy print on the second shirt. My boyfriend has a J Crew shirt just like it and it makes the already chatty Trader Joes workers even chattier, I swear. They all loved it! Also, just coming from a winter hiatus in Naples, that shirt is IN!!

Ok, pants time. The same rule applies (versatility, seasonality, timeless, classic) but pants can be tougher due to fit. Tell me, do guys have issues with pants making their butt look flat, saggy, wide? I know girls do!

Picture 42 Picture 43

Outlier. Slim Dungarees. Now this is a brand of pants that I was just made aware of that targets the sensitive man. Sensitive skin, that is, because apparently they are extra comfortable. C’mon the ad on the website freaking has a dude playing that game Intelligent Cube (early playstation, inserted above for reference) wearing these pants. That’s gotta mean something! My boyfriend got a pair and just had to buy another one because he liked them so much. They are stretchy but still look pretty dressy a.k.a. work appropriate. Versatile article of clothing, literally.

Work shoes!

Picture 52

You cannot go wrong with Cole Haan shoes. Although they no longer use that Nike technology, their shoes remain lightweight and comfortable. Trust me, I climbed the Great Wall of China in my oxfords and it didn’t slow me down one bit! Pictured here are the Cole Haan ‘Colton’ wingtips. I just love the color combination and think it would look great with any pant!

Picture 53

If you are looking for a handsome wingtip boot counterpart, then consider Allen Edmonds ‘Dalton’ Boot. Highly recommended due to comfort, style, fit, and quality. That sounds like a great package to me! Plus, Allen Edmonds shoes are made in Wisconsin. When they actually do things here, they do things right. I can guarantee that these will be one of the most comfortable boots you will ever own!

Some minor touches:

Picture 49 Picture 48

Patterned socks. Ted Baker and Happy Socks. Now patterned socks are like that tramp stamp  tattoo that you purposely flash every once in awhile. Wait, maybe a better analogy is the fashionable trend in the 90’s (to show off those two little thong straps and thin center piece when you bend over). My brother recalls catching a classmate of his purposely pulling her thong straps up to show them off. Anyway, patterned socks allow you to express yourself under a more conservative outfit. Be bold with the purple striped socks above or take a chance with the heart socks. Please just don’t get boring argyle, yeah they’re patterned but that would be the equivalent of showing off your granny panties 90’s thong style. If you don’t remember this trend, this is it:

Picture 51

After visit summary: Let’s keep this short for the guys. 1) Size down. 2) Splurge. 3) Accessorize. Oh and make sure your girlfriend doesn’t look ratchet. People will judge you based on how she looks.

Modern Love

“He called; I answered. Weeks later, he appeared on my front porch, and we drove upstate to go for a hike that turned into a drink that turned into dinner, and then we sat until dark under an old oak tree and kissed for the first time since the last time.”

Read the full story here…

Just one example of the many great modern love posts in the New York Times. I just had to do it because yesterday was my anniversary and I’m still in a lovey dovey mood. ❤

To put everyone in the spirit, I wanted to include some beautiful heart and love jewelry. Who can forget the Folli Follie collection that you always see abroad but can actually get at Lord & Taylor here. Jose and Maria Barrera also made some really cute heart drop earrings. They look fantastic, too bad they are clip-on. Sold at Neiman Marcus. Jennifer Zeuner has a nice 18 karat gold collection at Neiman Marcus and Shopbop. Click on the pictures to link to site:

Picture 80 Picture 82Picture 81

Lord & Taylor. Folli Follie Heart4Heart Collection.


Picture 83

Lord & Taylor. Betsey Johnson.

jmb heart jmb3

Neiman Marcus. Jose and Maria Barrera.

jz love ring JZ heart ring JZ lym

JZ heart pendantJZ heart pendant2

Neiman Marcus. Jennifer Zeuner.

Sorry to put everyone in ‘hearts and love’ mode but I just had to let it out. Ok Valentine’s Day is over and so is my anniversary but love lives on!

After visit summary: We are blessed in so many ways. Let’s pay the blessings forward! Love one another!

Designer Spotlight: rag & bone

Picture 61

So I think I dress too edgy for medicine. It’s actually my favorite way to dress, maybe because I believe people will take me more seriously or because I really am that bada$s. I remember in high school, I wanted to join the kids that dyed their hair purple, wore spiked collars, chains, and combat boots. Don’t forget the wrist tattoo and multiple ear piercings/ industrials that my parents never allowed me to get. Wow, I don’t know if I just described edgy or grunge. Let’s just say there’s a lot of overlap.

Anyway, the purpose of this post is to shine some light on rag & bone because I feel they perfectly capture the edge I am looking for. I love so many things they make. In the process, I’d like to thank one of my co-residents for first wearing these really edgy rag & bone leggings to work one day! This gave me inspiration (and most importantly permission) to dress this way to work. Thank you, thank you!

Of course, understand that not all edgy things are work-appropriate. I’ll highlight which ones are patient-friendly and which ones are reserved for a trip to the hipster hangouts.

Picture 74Picture 72

Saks. Dixie Top. Make use of your basic black tank with this floral studded leather trim top. Did you just read my description – FLORAL, BLACK, LEATHER, SHEER, STUDS. Total confusion = me likey! I also love sheer tops, I think they look really classy when you’re put together. You can wear this to work and more importantly outside of work. Versatile tops are always a bonus. Who wants to invest in clothes that can only be worn to work?! The second top is actually the ‘Adeline’ top by rag & bone. It is no longer sold online but they have come out with different versions of this same top in sheer, tweed, etc. I wear similar tops to work. Girls are so lucky that anything goes when it comes to work attire.

Picture 58 Picture 49

Nordstrom and shopbop (on sale). Now Hunter Boots have been around for awhile. However, its always nice when someone steps in to add their own touch to them. As you can see rag & bone added their edgy twist to it. The snaps and zippers -these are a few of my favorite things. It has just the right amount of things going on. I actually prefer the two-tone over solid colors but if you don’t, the option is there. If I needed a new pair of wellies, this will be my go-to. *Also consider these in place of snow shoes since there aren’t many to choose from in this category.

Picture 48rb1Picture 50tsrb

Nordstrom. Harrow Bootie. This is probably the bootie that you see on many celebrities: Rachel Bilson, Taylor Swift, Alessandra Ambrosio, Julianne Hough, ‘Deb’ from Dexter, etc. They come in leather +/- suede in several color combinations, black on black on black (see some in action with the denim below), chestnut on brown, grey, red, to name a few. Nordstrom carries almost every combination. Wear it with skinnies to work in the cold months and then out on the town with bootie shorts when the weather confusion hits again. It really is so handsome!

Picture 57review kinsey

Nordstrom and shopbop (in suede). ‘Kinsey’ Bootie. This is the high-top version of the ‘Harrow’ bootie. I definitely think it looks better with the black on black on black which is the only reason I included it in this post. I am too lazy to review this, so I decided to take a review straight from Nordstrom’s website. Enjoy!

Picture 63

Nordstrom. Devon Mobile Zip Wallet. They have this in black as well but the white looks much better. The chain adds the edge and you can use this as a whipping tool… the whipping tool being your hand since it will be free with this around your wrist. Who doesn’t love having a free hand?

Picture 56  Picture 62

Nordstrom. Pilot Backpack. Backpacks have become all the rage with Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen’s The Row Leather Backpack leading the way. This, however, is a comparable gem. I love it when something looks so nice and people have no idea who makes it or where to get it. If you like that too, consider this piece.

rag bone bradbury flapPicture 55

Nordstrom. Bradbury Flap Hobo. Hipster but in black. Love the soft leather look throughout. Another perfect work bag.

Picture 70Picture 65

Bloomingdales and Nordstrom. Linton Leggings. The zip detail enhances the edgy moto style to these graphic leggings. The material is extremely comfortable for 20-somethings and the hobbling attending. Not quite tweed but at least it has the appearance of it a.k.a. 90-year-old patient friendly.

Picture 51

Neiman Marcus or rag & bone. Ilford Paneled Leather Skinny pants. I don’t know how far you’ll get with these at work but they do look pretty slick for a post-call celebration. If you wore these, anyone will be your friend.

Picture 54

Bloomingdales and shopbop. Trench leggings. Of course, I have to include the pants that started it all. I had to get the exact pair because they were so cute. I wear them EVERYWHERE (church, JT concert, airports, Florida) except at work because I do not want her to know that I’m a copycat. Whatever though. Imitation is flattery. These pants fit so great and are extremely comfortable. They have this shine to them which makes them look a little more dressy. The leather piping around the hips isn’t noticeable under a white coat but becomes the main attraction during lecture sans coat. No strange bunching anywhere with these either! I love, love, love them. My mom even wants a pair!

Celebs in rag & bone:

Picture 60rbrb

Nordstrom. Kendall’s Grand Prix Motocross Paneled Leggings.

shopbop. Rachel Bilson’s Raja Leggings.

After visit summary: Once again, the white coat comes in handy to tone down the edge and not scare patients or your clients away. You can still dress edgy and keep things professional. I particularly love the denim leggings by rag & bone because they are thick enough to add structure yet fit well enough to go with booties during the bitter cold and flats during the warmer months. So versatile.. which is what you should shoot for when buying work clothes! Ahh.

The spring is coming… I think.

This means Game of Thrones is coming too… Anyway, let’s make things a little more relevant. Ahhh spring. Do you smell it? Do you? The flowers. The spring showers. The fresh maneur. Sunscreen? Woo! Wait, I actually still see fresh snow but here’s to wishful thinking.  It’s ALMOST time we bare some skin. Leg skin, that is.

When I worked retail, we were not allowed to wear skirts or dresses 1 inch above the knee. Being the skinny twig that I was, this was terrible news! Long skirts and dresses made me look like an anorexic Yoko Ono. Now that I have blossomed into a wonderful young lady with more positive sine and cosine curves, pencil skirts are now finally tangent to them. One of my favorite things are prints and patterns so here is me applying them to pencil skirts. Here goes…

Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 4.12.30 PMPicture 38

J Crew. Collection Pencil Wrap Skirt in Cubist Print. I am attracted to this skirt because it reminds me of abstract art. The combination of colors makes it so attractive. If I saw someone wearing this, I would just stare, stare. stare. However, if your legs are as pasty as the model’s and you are wearing pastel shoes, I’d stare in wonder… are you a ghost???


Anthropologie. Ayaka Embroidered Skirt. The print is perfect for spring and I love how it is paired with the leather jacket and ?suede pumps. It reminds me of California wear, where people merge all 4 seasons together and wear tank tops, chunky cardigans, booty shorts and uggs. Total confusion. I would do well there. However, the confusion is a little more subtle in this outfit. 2 thumbs up!

Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 3.18.27 PM Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 3.18.51 PM

Anthropologie. Causeway Pencil Skirt. This is more my style. It is so adorable. Don’t say sexy, ahhh that is not a good way to describe work outfits. Club outfits, yes, but not work attire. Anyway, this does look a little more fitted than the skirts above but that is where the white coat comes to good use. Leave it unbuttoned so it’s like having a reverse mullet: party in the front, business on the back.

Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 3.30.49 PMciate-foil

Nordstrom. Milly ‘Italian Surf’ Neoprene Skirt. Umm Milly. I absolutely love you for keeping this abstract paint brush thing going. Look at all my favorite colors on this skirt. Pair this with solid black top or any bold color this skirt displays. This will go great with Ciate Very Colourfoil nail polish ($19 at Sephora) posted above. Sorry to detract but I can’t help it. This would be so Paris Hilton matchy-matchy!

Picture 45 Picture 44

ASOS. River Island White Colorblook Skirt. It’s sold out on the River Island website. I remember going to London several years ago and shopping crazily at Topshop and then ending my shopping trip at the River Island Store there. Why had I not known this existed? I had already spent all my money at Topshop and they had way cooler things at River Island. Well now there are Topshops across the US and I only go there because every once in awhile they have cool jewelry pieces. They are filled with Fifth Harmony wannabe’s. Shout out to 5H though! Anyway, I love color block and this skirt displays a classy combination of colors that looks so fresh. This one is for the put-together dressers out there! Search River Island Colorblock though to see some of their past pieces, I was blown away!

Picture 76 Picture 75

Anthropologie and Bloomingdales (in white). Mara Hoffman Pencil Skirt. I am really digging her swim wear prints and styles. However, this is your chance to bring that happiness and pop to work! Seeing this at work would bring a gummy smile to my face.

Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 4.22.14 PM Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 4.22.26 PM  Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 4.23.40 PMScreen Shot 2014-03-01 at 4.27.08 PM    Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 4.31.41 PM Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 4.32.13 PMScreen Shot 2014-03-01 at 4.29.58 PM Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 4.30.08 PM

Saks and Bloomingdales. Clover Canyon Pencil Skirts. If you want even more options, try revolveclothing or shopbop. Both these sites have cooler prints. Now how would I describe Clover Canyon… I think it is a very confused designer. Some guy stuck in the dessert who couldn’t decide between missoni, trina turk, dvf, and istanbul tile prints. They are originally $220 but the last floral skirt shown is on sale for $165 at Bloomingdales.

Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 7.06.25 PM Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 7.06.42 PM

Nordstrom. DVF Phaedra Knit Skirt. You can never go wrong with DVF prints but this skirt in particular has an awesome combination of colors put together in an awesome print. So cute! I just really, really love this.

Let’s see some printed pencil skirts in action:

Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 3.42.29 PM Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 3.43.06 PM Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 3.46.23 PM Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 3.58.05 PM Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 4.07.20 PMScreen Shot 2014-03-01 at 4.20.17 PM

After visit summary: Prints add flare to the long-standing conservative pencil skirt. Pair it with that solid boring top you’ve been dying to make use of and you’re golden.

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